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2012 Prestige Film Award Winners!

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"My Glass Odyssey"
John Waterman, Rich Bodikes - USA
Gold Award for Documentary Feature - 2012

My Glass Odyssey

"Fish Meat"
Fish Navy Films - USA
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012

Fish Meat

Richard Blake
Natzoom Productions - USA
Gold Award for Short Film - 2012
"Slip Cue"
Robin Kupferman, Director
Tiekara Productions, Inc.- USA
Gold Award for Documentary Short - 2012
"Like Father"
Chris Turner, Producer; Jesse Harley, Director
Ouat Media - CANADA
Gold Award for Film Short - 2012
"I'm Sorry"
Tim Vogel
Lancer Entertainment Group, LLC.- USA
Gold Award for Documentary Short - 2012
"Apostol Karamitev"
Max Freeman - USA
Gold Award for Special Purpose Production - 2012
Scott Galloway
Susie Films - USA
Gold Award for Documentary Short - 2012
Tara-Nicole Azarian
Front Porch Film - USA
Gold Award for Voice Over - 2012
Gold Award for Public Service Program - 2012
"Art = (Love)²"
Mevlut Akkaya, Producer - Akaya Films-USA
Gold Award for Narrative Fiction - 2012
"Giuseppe Cassin"
Giuseppe Cassin - AUSTRALIA
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012
"Monkey King"
Tacita Law
Film Magic Limited - HONG KONG
Gold Award for 3D - 2012
"Quest for Energy"
Vinit Parmar
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012
"Get it Together"
Producers: Berenika Maciejewicz, M Herrera, Pau Gasol - USA
Gold Award for Awareness Raising Films" - 2012

Get it Together/UNICEF" was shot in Ethiopia for Pau Gasol's Foundation with UNICEF. Basketball player Pau Gasol plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. The song "Get It Together" was written and performed by the group Broshigeez.

"So This is Christmas"
Richard Foster
Foster Entertainment-USA
Gold Award for Direction - 2012
Berenika Maciejewicz , Producer - USA
Gold Award for Action/Adventure - 2012

What if Indiana Jones was a modern day woman? A young archeologist has 24 hours in Mexico City to find a Mayan jaguar relic that’s been missing for 600 years in exchange for her husband’s life. Shot entirely in Mexico City. It's an action/adventure/historical fiction feature.

Berenika Maciejewicz, Producer - USA
Gold Award for Movie Trailer - 2012 

When an experimental lethal-injection has the unexpected result of making a death row inmate immortal, the most vicious convicts wants it as bad as the power hungry Warden. This gritty action/thriller reminds viewer of David Fincher’s neo-noir narratives and Stephen King’s jail stories.
"The Ordinary Extraordinary Town of the Terrible Typical Trouble"
Paul Mayer
Gold Award for Animation - 2012
Gold Award for Nonprofit/Fundraising
- 2012
"Gray Eagles"
Chris Woods – USA
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012
Gold Award for History / Biographical - 2012
"Hawaiian Airlines, A Celebration of 80 Years"
Chris Woods - USA
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012
Gold Award for Corporate Communications - 2012
Gold Award for Industria l/ Technical / Business - 2012
"Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You"
Roberto Faenza
Four of a Kind Productions
Gold Award for Feature Film / Lead Actor (Toby Regbo) - 2012

Someday  Someday  Toby Regbo

Sveck James does not want to conform to social conventions. He dreams of a life of isolation in a house in the Midwest, rather than attend college. Incapable of understanding his discomfort and his revulsion for the university, his parents decide to send him to a therapist, so he spends his days between sessions of psychotherapy and the work at his mother's gallery, seeking his way in life and hoping that one day his pain will be useful.

"Shuffle" directed by Garrett Bennett
Aron Thompson, Executive Producer
Code 7-USA
Gold Award for Short Film
- 2012


"Shuffle" tells the story of a killer who has a change of heart who must play one last hand of cards with the mob boss who raised him within a criminal house of cards. The film stars local Seattle actor Aron Michael Thompson and Denis Arndt. Musical score by Jesse Holt and produced by Quinn Rudee.

"Anniversary Dinner"
Jessi Gotta, Filmmaker/Writer
Gold Award for Short Film - 2012
Anniversarty Dinner

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, protocols are put into place by remaining local government and police forces. The public is enlisted to turn in any "suspicious-looking persons" who could be infected. The only way to contain the outbreak is that if you "see something, say something". One person failing to follow these rules could destroy the rest of the human race.

Frederick knows he should call the authorities, but can't bring himself to do it. Determined to maintain a normal life, he plans a special dinner for himself and his wife, but an unannounced visit leads to the revelation of his secret. Frederick will soon realize that "Till Death Do Us Part" was just the beginning...

"Heads Up"
Directors: Alex Merkin & Robert Krakovski
Robert Krakovski, Executive Producer
16 Casa Duse, LLC-USA
Gold Award for Short Film - 2012

"Heads Up" is an edgy, comedic story of two long time friends, partners in crime, and somewhat surrogate siblings who love each other to death. When suspicions of trust and loyalty arise at the weekly poker game the situation erupts in an extreme way - because nobody fights like siblings do!

"The Roots of Happiness" by Matt Schultz
Ryan Abella & Brian Willams, Producers
Frank Abella & Elizabeth Abella, Executive Producers
Purekix LLC-USA
Gold Award for Feature Documentary - 2012

Roots of HappinessA Humanitarian Documentary filmed at the Tumaini Children's Home in Nyeri Kenya. The story is based on the happiness of children who have nearly nothing to their name but their faith and pure happiness.

A small production team and a Reno Nevada based organization, Think Kindness, shares this heart filled story of happiness. The documentary leaves the question of what really works and for how long? Yes, donations and funding helps, but education and someone who shows genuine hope and care is for a lifetime.
                                          View Trailer

"The Man Who Jumped"
Prospero Productions
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012

In 2002 protests at the infamous Woomera Detention Centre for refuges erupted. In the midst of the turmoil, a bare-chested young man climbed on to the perimeter fence. Below him were coils of deadly razor wire. Suddenly without warnMsn Who Jumpeding....he jumped. Captured by television news cameras, this image shocked the nation, made headlines around the world and came to define one of the darkest chapters of Australian history.

Ten years on, The Man Who Jumped asks the questions who was he, why did he jump and what happened to him?

In seeking answers this powerful new film reveals the true story behind Australia’s treatment of refugees.

"SAS: The Search for Warriors"
Prospero Productions
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012

For the first time in 25 years, a film crew has been given access to the highly secretive selection course for the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).


Using the toughest military selection course in the world they are looking for the right type of solider.

This is a search for warriors. 130 candidates from the cream of the military attempt the brutal 21-day trial. Most will never finish. First the candidates are subjected to constant and crushing physical exercise and torturous sleep deprivation. Their bodies are broken down - next it is their minds. The first stage is brutal but what the remaining candidates face will be a whole lot worse.

"Ned's Head"
Prospero Productions
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012

A human skull shrouded in mystery and controversy is handed in to authorities. It is allegedly the long lost skull of legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, stolen over 30 years ago. Now a team of forensic scientists use state of the art technology to discover the skull’s true identity. It’s an investigation which will reopen the mystery of what happened to Ned’s body after he was hanged.

Ned's Head

Was he dissected and his head removed? What happened to his remains? In solving the mystery of Ned’s Head, the team will discover much more than the skull’s identity.

"Being Bradford Dillman"
Emma Burch, Producer
Gold Award for Animation - 2012


When bullied Molly Flowers declares a dislike for boys, her boozy and self medicated mother invents a story to shock her into a more sympathetic view. The tale (of how Molly had actually been born a boy called Bradford Dillman but had her willy chopped off to become a daughter) then takes on a life of its own...

  Watch Trailer

"Killers for Hire" by Nino Abate
Picture Point Media - USA
Gold Award for Webcast / Webisode / Internet - 2012


"NCB Naturalis"
Gold Award for 3D - 2012
Gold Award for Animation
- 2012

NCB 1In 2010 three institutes combined their collections forming NCB Naturalis, the Dutch centre of excellence for biodiversity studies. It became one of the largest collections in the world (with over 37 million objects. We were asked to create a film which visualizes the past, present and future of the organization.

NCB 2Innumerable varieties of exotic plants, animals, shells and other natural history specimens were collected throughout the years for scientific research, all with the aim of better understanding life in all its forms. This started a long, long time ago, when our ancestors travelled and explored our planet.

NCB 3The scientific information we extract from this collection is vital in increasing our knowledge of biodiversity. All the data obtained from research is currently being digitized as part of the FES-project. In the future, people all over the world will be able to access information about diversity among plants and animals.

"The Letter Writer" by Christian Vuissa
Mirror Films/BYUTV – USA
Gold Award for Children / Family Programming - 2012

The Letter Writer

From Deseret News: When he's not making movies, Vuissa is busy running the LDS Film Festival, which wrapped up its seventh year in January. What began as a showcase for short-length film and video works now boasts nearly a dozen features each year, as well as packed houses.

"It makes me very proud and happy to see that our audiences and programming are growing all the time," he said.

"King Bachelor's Pad"
Andrew Bachelor, Writer/Actor
Bach Enterprises - USA
Gold Award for Webcast / Webisode / Internet - 2012

King Bachelor's Pad is a brand new sketch comedy series hosted by YouTube sensation Andrew Bachelor. The show parodies pop-culture themes of yesterday and today through a combination of hilarious shorts and outrageous sketches featuring television and film celebrities, as well as popular YouTube personalities.

Watch Teaser

From their plush mansion in the Hollywood Hills, host Andrew Bachelor and his beautiful sidekicks "The Bach's" weave sex appeal and comedy as they introduce new hilarious sketches each episode.

James Chandler - Chandlery Productions-USA
Gold Award for Movie Trailer - 2012

Lakeside Poster

"L.A. Love Story Pt. 2" by Sergio Myers
7 Ponies Productions – USA
Gold Award for Direction - 2012
Silver Award for Short Film/Video - 2012

Watch Trailer

LA Love Story

"Reversal" by Jim Petulia
Petulia Pictures– USA
Gold Award for Feature Film/Video - 2012

Based on a true story, Reversal is critically acclaimed for its truthful depiction of athletic competition. It is the coming-of-age tale set in the highly competitive world of high school wrestling. Leo Leoni (Mousetis) has been wrestling since he can remember and his life has been an endless cycle of training and sacrifice. His father/coach eyes college scholarship and athletic glory for his son. Now, Leo is seventeen and adolescence is making it difficult to stay disciplined and to concentrate. Stars Jimi Petulla and Danny Mousetis.

Ticket to Hell by Enrico Natale
Ronnie Connell Productions / KingFerris Entertainment
MORE Productions / Ryan Glasgow Productions
Gold Award for Leading Actor (Ronnie Connell as “Jimmy”) - 2012
Gold Award for Original Story Writers (Ronnie Connell & Ryan Glasgow)
- 2012

Ticket to Hell

An intense journey through one kid’s personal struggle, as the 17 year old son of a dying woman fights to manage his mother’s pain as well as their ever crumbling home environment all by himself. After losing their medical insurance, the young man turns to a common drug dealer for help. The growing debt to his dealer soon get’s away from him, becoming as unmanageable as his poor mother’s agonizing pain. First, he sells his body... and then his soul. And then... he simply snaps.

"I, Omega" by Jaime De Villota
Zumapaz Productions – USA
Gold Award for Short Film/Video - 2012

A man's life is overturned when his eight year old daughter is savagely raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender. Furious with the insignificant punishment sexual predators get by the judicial system - he launches a violent crusade against these predators as a means of punishment and revelation for their sins.

"I won't wait for justice. I will serve it."

"Keys Keys Keys"
Gold Award for Webcast / Webisode / Internet - 2012


"True Power
Karel van Bellingen, Director - BELGIUM
Gold Award for Ad Spot - 2012

In this spectacular video game commercial, a teenager shockingly discovers the power he can wield by using his voice to control the military units of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Endwar. The sensation of being a real commander on a real battlefield momentarily gets slightly too real in the young protagonist's mind.

"Taylor Bloxham"
Affixxius Productions- UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for Use of Film to Enhance Website - 2012

Taylor BloxhamTaylor Bloxham approached Affixxius Productions to produce them a viral video to advertise and promote their High Definition printing.

"Loretto School"
Affixxius Productions- UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for College / Government - 2012
Affixxius Productions- UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for Corporate Communications

BrushA major manufacturer of industrial-scale transformers and turbogenerators required a series of highly-original promotional video material to accompany their international conference presentations. The creative concept needed to reflect the company's strength in the field with regards to a number of key selling and service messages.

"Rocky Tandoori" by Jacinthe Bilodeau
Image Entertainment Corporation, Inc. - CANADA
Gold Award for Children / Family Programming - 2012

Walter & TandooriWelcome to the hilarious world of Walter, a place where environmental awareness is best served by wacky, yet revealing adventures of absurd proportions. By using the humour of the unfolding situations and slapstick comedy to win over the target audience of 8 to 12 year-olds, the main objective of the series is, without doubt, to entertain and allow the public to identify with the main character in a theme which he holds dearly, that of the environment.

"DFRS Road Safety"
Affixxius Productions- UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising - 2012

Road SafetyAffixxius Productions was asked to create a speed awareness video to be shown at the various road shows the Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership put on throughout the year. They didn't want something that followed the usual conventions of road safety videos, but something that was a little more though provoking.

Serge Côté - CANADA
Gold Award for Original Score - 2012


"Tourettes: I Swear I Can Sing"
Gold Award for Television Documentary - 2012

At 25 Ruth Ojadi had an amazing singing voice and a place to study music at university.  She should have been on her way to the top. Instead, Ruth was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and her life fell apart. The blinks and twitches her GP had put down to nerves became worse and before long she started swearing and blurting out inappropriate comments, eventually dropping out of university and locking herself away. 

Now, 3 years on, Ruth has decided to take her life back and once again step up to the mic, but when a trip to the supermarket is such a struggle, how will she cope with getting up on stage?

"Rob the Robot"
Serge Côté - CANADA
Gold Award for Original Score - 2012

Rob The Robot

"Leonardo Live"
Leopard Films - UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for Live Television Events - 2012

Leonardo Live

Art lovers around the world will be able to experience LEONARDO LIVE, a satellite-delivered HD presentation of the once-in-a-lifetime exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan", captured at the U.K. National Gallery. Leonardo Live offers an unprecedented opportunity for audiences worldwide to experience these da Vinci works. The historic exhibition is sold out in London and, due to the fragility of the paintings, the exhibition cannot tour.

'The World of Matthew Bourne"
Leopard Films - UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for Arts / Cultural / Performance Television - 2012

For 25 years, Matthew Bourne has been delighting audiences with adaptations of the best-known ballets and operas. From an all-male Swan Lake to the tortured tale of Dorian Gray, he has produced a string of hits.

The film takes the dance and dancers off stage into studio, bringing together projections, animation, and an intimate shooting style to produce a distinctive new way of presenting dance on screen.

"Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake"
Leopard Films - UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Award for Arts / Cultural / Performance Television - 2012

Swan LakeThrilling, audacious and totally original, Matthew Bourne's legendary production transforms one of ballet's best-loved stories into a stylish, witty, poignant, contemporary tale with extravagant, award-winning designs by Lez Brotherston.

Perhaps best-known for replacing the traditional female corps de ballet with a menacing male ensemble, Matthew Bourne blends dance, style, humor, spectacle, character comedy and mime to create a provocative and powerful Swan Lake for our times. Collecting over thirty international theatre awards including three Tonys, Swan Lake has been acclaimed as a landmark achievement on the international stage.

Swan Lake-DancersSince its November 9, 1995 world premiere at Sadler's Wells, Matthew Bourne's breathtaking and sexy version of Swan Lake has become the longest running ballet in London's West End and on Broadway. It has enjoyed several successful tours in the UK and has continued to thrill audiences throughout the world.

"The Tal Qadi Stone" by Chris & Maurice Micallef
CMM Productions – MALTA
Gold Award for Short Documentary - 2012
Gold Award for History/Biographical - 2012
Silver Award for Research - 2012
Silver Award for Creativity / Originality - 2012
Setting Sun

Qadi StoneWatch Trailer

From the same production team that gave us FILFLA, MNAJDRA and 2011 Prestige Award winner THE PHOENICIANS, is another production that deals with the interpretation of the Tal-Qadi stone. This documentary that took two years in the making, offers a detailed analysis and interpretation of this stone that is found at the National Museum in Valletta, Malta. Amongst various interpretations from various researchers, this documentary is sustained by scientific analysis and theories that makes this stone unique in the Mediterranean. With a script written by Chris Micallef and direction by Chris & Maurice Micallef, this documentary has exclusive footage that shows the sun and moon alignments along the main passage of the Tal-Qadi temple found in the limits of Burmarrad, Malta.

Schwartzman Celebrates Baldessari by Jesse Dylan
Wondros - USA
Gold Award for Direction - 2012
Gold Award for Special Purpose Internet Productions - 2012

Wondros is proud to partner with the sprawling new arts initiative Pacific Standard Time. Beginning in October, the Getty Trust will fund over 60 exhibits showcasing the work of Southern California artists and designers between 1945-1980. The exhibits seek to give context to how L.A. has grown into the major art capital it is today.

Wondros has created two spots pairing two current celebrities with key players in the highlighted art movement. In “Schwartzman Celebrates Baldessari,” actor Jason Schwartzman is haunted by the vision of conceptual artist John Baldessari, who is urging Jason to put aside his past experiences, and visit a museum.

Kiedis Celebrates Ruscha by Jesse Dylan
Wondros - USA
Gold Award for Direction - 2012
Gold Award for Special Purpose Internet Productions - 2012

No other artist today personifies the mood and attitude of Southern California like Anthony Kiedis. It's a distinction he and The Red Hot Chili Peppers have earned for over two decades of music that's shaped the contemporary sound of the West Coast.

Like Ed Ruscha, Anthony Kiedis drew inspiration from Los Angeles and used words to speak of its sordid beauty. They may have expressed it in different art forms but the heart of their work has the same beat. In “Kiedis Celebrates Ruscha,” rock star Anthony Kiedis enjoys a drive through Los Angeles with pop artist Ed Ruscha discussing the beauty and lyricism of words.

"Enchantress" by Ian Lewis
The Farnham Film Company Ltd. – UK
Silver Award for Feature Film/Video - 2012

Watch Trailer

Enchantress posterEnchantress is a dark and compelling story of lust, desire, corruption and betrayal — a contemporary thriller starring Nicholas Ball, Olivia Llewellyn, Johanne Murdock.

The legend prophesies that Merlin will be trapped forever in the crystal cave, betrayed by lust and beauty.

A magician extending his work offstage takes the wrong side in a local turf war and needs all his skills to resist violence, temptation, and unintended consequences.

"Wolves Unleashed" by Andrew Simpson
Scrunch Munch Films – CANADA
Gold Award for Feature Documentary
- 2012


From the opening scene, this film takes the audience on an unbelievable journey. Follow world-renowend animal trainer, Andrew Simpson as he travels to one of the coldest places on earth. Together with his Canadian crew and his pack of wolves, he sets out to make the biggest wolf film ever attempted. The footage in this film had never been seen before — there are no computer effects — everything you see is real.

"Food Saver System" by Nicole Davis
Surging Media Group – USA
Gold Award for Commercial / Infomercial - 2012

Watch Trailer

Surging Media Group was chosen to manage the new 2011 FoodSaver Direct Response campaign. We created the concept and produced a 30 minute Infomercial with :60 and :30 second commercial spots to drive retail. Within these spots two different versions of FoodSaver Systems were used, depending on what market our client was targeting.

"Antigone" by Antonio D'Alfonso – CANADA
Bronze Award for Feature Film/Video
- 2012

Antigone PosterA modern adaptation of ANTIGONE by Sophocles. A chamber film about the many issues raised by the original play: war, religion, family, betrayal, love. We decided to expand these by including social integration. Each character speaks in a different language (subtitles are supplied).

Watch Trailer

"Misineiri Radacacha" by Peter Kelly
Esras Films Limited – IRELAND
Gold Award for Documentary Program / Series - 2012

Misineiri Radacacha

"A Model For Catholic Laity" by Frank Duff
Esras Films Limited – IRELAND
Gold Award for Religion /Ethics - 2012

Frank DuffFounder of the Legion of Mary, Frank Duff was born in Dublin, Ireland, on June 7, 1889. At 24 he joined the Society of St. Vincent de Paul where he was led to a deeper commitment to his Catholic faith and at the same time he acquired a great sensitivity to the needs of the poor and underprivileged. Along with a group of Catholic women and Fr. Michael Toher, Dublin Archdiocese, he formed the first praesidium of the Legion of Mary on September 7, 1921. From that date until his death, November 7, 1980, he guided the world-wide extension of the Legion with heroic dedication. He attended the Second Vatican Council as a lay observer.

Cusitrin by Sergio Jimenez
23lunes – SPAIN
Gold Award for Special Effects: Animation - 2012

Glad to present the last work directed and produced at 23L, for Sanofi (Lluïsa Torquemada, Cristina Monclus, Susana Navarro, Oscar Alcaraz), and with the collaboration of the best guys at Saatchi & Saatchi Health in Barcelona, where the idea and creative concept was born (Pau Marquès, Cristina Ferre, Nuria Artigalas, Eduardo Viveros). Amazing team and behaviors as always.

"The Prime Radicals" - Hoda Elatawi, Producer
GAPC Entertainment Inc. – CANADA
Gold Award for Children / Family Programming - 2012
Gold Award for Special Effects: Animation
- 2012

The Prime RadicalsTake one healthy measure of math, blend in two cousins and their wacky Uncle Norm. Next mix in some mayhem, music, a lot of laughs, and a big serving of learning. This new live action series for kids aged 6-8 is compelling and entertaining - never didactic - and uses humourous, hands-on, real-world scenarios to make numbers cool for kids, based on the math curriculum for young learners.

Each live action episode takes viewers to Uncle Norm's workshop, usually the scene of his latest mishap or misadventure. The Radicals - cousins Kevin and Alanna - come to the rescue every time. They enlist experts - a firefighter, construction worker, photographer, and even a maze-builder - to help them solve Uncle Norm's problems with mathematical solutions. "The Prime Radicals" takes the mystery out of math and puts the fun back into learning!



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