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Our mission: To provide a spotlight for filmmakers and production companies who are looking for public recognition of their
creative efforts. The Prestige Award represents acknowledgement of the artistic merit of exceptional video productions.
Award recipients include producers, directors, actors and all members of the creative team.

We are currently accepting entries into the current competition, open to all levels of filmmakers...
from those looking for professional recognition to those who just want bragging rights!

Get your films seen and noticed...   2016 DEADLINES FOR ENTRIES:

Early Bird Deadline:  September 9 • Regular Deadline:  October 7
Late Deadline:  November 11 • Extended Deadline:  December 9
Notification and Event Deadline:  December 16, 2016

Latest Winners


"The Dark Tapes" - by Michael McQuown - USA
Silver Award for Feature Film - 2016

A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent anthology. Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity.

"Kiss of Death" - by Timothy Collins & Jillian Kibler - USA
Silver Award for Short Film (Student) - 2016

Kiss of DeathA black-and-white neo-noir film about a young thief and his wife who prepare to flee town the following morning, until the arrival of a mysterious stranger halts their plans. A young thief and his wife prepare to flee town by sunrise, until the arrival of a mysterious stranger halts their plans.

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"Revenge of the Gweilo"
Nathan Hill, Director / Star
Gold Award for Original Score - 2016

An ex cop trying to find a new lease on life... Joseph Lucky is a caucasian man in love with his Asian fiancé Esmay Lee (Mary Annegeline, who has a shady past... As he delves into a melting pot of chaos, he finds himself fighting to stay alive during his quest for revenge.

"Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting"
Shaye Martin, Director
MasterClass - USA
Gold Award for Educational/Instructional - 2016

Kevin Spacey asks you to engage in the craft of acting in his first ever online class as he teaches you the approach that has won him two Academy Awards. The star of The Usual Suspects, American Beauty and House of Cards teaches the practical techniques that have made him a stage and screen legend.

2015 Winners - Click Here for Recent Winners


"Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand"
Daniel Huertas, Director
Aquavision TV Productions - SOUTH AFRICA
Gold Award for Feature Film - 2015

The incredible journey of Africa’s most notorious pride, a deadly group of six male lions. For the past 16 years, the lions have been filmed continuously by both professionals and amateurs who have witnessed the five brothers and one half-brother stand strong in the brutal wilderness.

"Shark Alley"
Craig Gardner, Director
Aquavision TV Productions - SOUTH AFRICA
Gold Award for Documentary Short - 2015

Shark AlleyHundreds of sharks follow and feed upon millions upon millions of sardines as the fish migrate up the south-eastern coast of Africa

It’s ambush after ambush in a relentless series of attacks that climaxes with a humongous feeding frenzy. It’s the largest predation of its kind on earth.


Tim French, Director - USA
Gold Award for Feature Film - 2015

Fifty year old Cobb Mills revisits every year the small California town of Dusty Springs where he crashed his car seven years earlier and killed his passenger, daughter, Tess. He blames himself for not insisting Tess wear her seat belt. An alcoholic burdened by guilt, he can never seem to shed, Cobb usually leaves a wreath of flowers at the crash site and drives back to Los Angeles. However, on this year’s visit, his car breaks down.

"Synapse" (trailer)
Kenlon Clark, Director - USA
Gold Award for Movie Trailer- 2015


"One Small Hitch" - by John Burgess - USA
Gold Award for Feature Film - 2015

In this hilarious romantic comedy, childhood friends Josh and Molly innocently agree to fake a wedding engagement to make Josh's dying father happy. Things quickly get out of hand with their two boisterous families, and a series of events causes them to pretend to be a couple and start planning a phony wedding.

"Aloha Hohe" - by Kevin Temmer - USA
Gold Award for Student Animation - 2015

Today is the day Hohe finally becomes a true member of the tiki tribe and can impress the girl of his dreams, but he soon discovers that his position in the tribe is not exactly what he had in mind. This film was made for my senior thesis project at Ringling College of Art and Design.


"Point Society" - by Beth Brown - USA
Gold Award for Short Film - 2015
Point SocietyGold Award for Webisode - 2015
Gold Award for Woman Filmmaker - 2015

The two main "families" of the secret and elite Point Society, struggle against powerful foes for authority over the path of Humanity. A sexy, dark study on power and control. The dark drama Point Society is a visually stunning mystery that explores the crooked and veiled world we live in today.

Here we are allowed to peek around the corner into the clandestine realm of those that hold sway over conspiracy, control, and the very reality we accept. We are taken by force and suggestion into the breast of the societies that broker this mass control over every nation... every human... everything...

"The Wolf Who Came to Dinner" - by Jem Garrard - CANADA
Gold Award for Short Film - 2015

The Wolf Who Came To DinnerBeatrice Barkley is an eight-year-old horror fanatic with a serious problem: her mom’s brought her new boyfriend home to meet the family, and no one but Bea seems to notice he’s a werewolf. Over the course of the evening, Bea uses her expert knowledge of werewolf weaknesses in an attempt to expose the seemingly innocuous French teacher as a dangerous monster - with unexpected results.


"On Flying Water" - by Dominique Monfery / Julia Pajot, Producer - FRANCE
Gold Award for Animation - 2015

On Flying Water"Au fil de l' eau" (original title) is an original metaphor of life visualized by the short life time of water droplets, surviving as long as they can, until they are exposed by their toughest natural enemy. In a little park. At dawn, the sun heats a lake. The dew awakens and dozens of water drops gather together at the heart of a spider web. The water's weight stretches out toward a public bin. One of the drops falls in the bin and disintegrates in a vessel liquid. That's the panic, among the drops, they all try to climb up on the the spider web. A little drop cuts one of the web's threads, and as a trampoline, the drops are propelled on an electric cable. The suncontinues to rise, heats them, until they boil...

"Goshen" - by Dana Richardson - USA
GoshenGold Award for Woman Filmmaker - 2015

Goshen is a powerful award winning documentary depicting the diet and active lifestyle of the indigenous Tarahumara, a light-footed running tribe, who are striving to maintain their ancient culture against all odds.

Goshen takes you on a journey in the huarache-clad footsteps of these endurance athletes, highlighting the health benefits of safeguarding their way of life.

Engaging and entertaining, Goshen will inspire you to take part in preserving the native seeds and running traditions of the Tarahumara.

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"Oklahoma City: The Boom, the Bust, and the Bomb" - byMick Cornett - USA
Gold Award for Feature Documentary - 2015

Oklahoma City MovieWhen it seemed like things couldn’t get worse, things got worse. From the oil boom of the 1970s to the failure of Penn Square Bank in 1982 to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995, this inspiring, feature-length documentary sheds light on the darkest years of Oklahoma City… and the people who refused to give up.

Produced, written and directed by Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City: The Boom, the Bust and the Bomb is a story like no other. It’s a tale of resilience, exploring how Oklahoma City’s turbulent past helped shape its bright, flourishing future.

"Fantom Works - Size Does Matter" - Nicolas Valcour, Producer
New Dominion Pictures, LLC - USA
Gold Award for Reality Programming
- 2015



"Irreversible" - by Fi Dieter - USA
Gold Award for Woman Filmmaker - 2015
Fi Dieter

Fi Dieter is an award-winning Austrian filmmaker. She began acting in theater and commercials from an early age, eventually finding her way into directing and editing. She lives with her two cats, studies and continues to grow artistically in Los Angeles, always seeking to empower women through film.

"A Haunting- Curse of the Mummy" - Nicolas Valcour, Producer
New Dominion Pictures, LLC - USA
Gold Award for Documentary Program/Series (TDP) - 2015


"Tom Rises" - Sean McCarthy - Writer/Director
Guerilla Wanderers Films - USA
Gold Award for Concept - 2015

At Guerilla Wanderers, the project at hand emerges from something organic, and comes together only after a long and passionate journey in which we lose ourselves in the idea.

"Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer" - By Matthias Mushinski
The Vladar Company - USA
Gold Award for Documentary Program/Series (TDP) - 2015

Jeremy Scott: The People's DesignerAn intimate look into the life and world of iconic fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who has become notorious for his provocative designs and the fervent controversy they have spawned.

The film illustrates this predicament with an array of interviews featuring the likes of trendsetters, industry leaders, and celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora. Viewers are offered a glimpse of Jeremy’s worldview beyond clothing – his goals for the future, inspirations, fears and opinions on contemporary culture are central to the film’s makeup.

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Country Mouse & City Mouse"The Country Mouse and the City Mouse"
- Joey Garza, Producer
Advance Publishing - USA
Gold Award for Children/Family Programming (TFP) - 2015

To many children, and a few adults, the idea of more toys and endless treats and goodies seems like the ultimate existence. This spirited rendition of Aesop's classic fable illustrates that this is not always the case.

When it comes to personal contentment, bigger does not always mean better.

The Emperor's New Clothes"The Emperor's New Clothes"
- Joey Garza, Producer
Advance Publishing - USA
Gold Award for Children/Family Programming (TFP) - 2015

Sometimes people are willingly dishonest rather than risking embarrassment. Such is the case in this whimsical rendition of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale.

The conclusion of this tale extends beyond that of the original, shedding light on the benefits that come from always telling the truth.


Prestige Silver Award


"Daughter of the King" - by Matthew Marshall - CANADA
Daughter of the KingSilver Award for Religion - 2015

A dramatic independent film that follows Ashley Miller as she tries to rebuild herself and return to a normal life after a drug filled episode in her life that landed her in jail. An outstanding debt gets her sucked back into the underworld that is ruled by Haydar, a ruthless man that forces her into slavery. She becomes his property. Ashley is forced to prostitute and deal drugs hoping to regain her freedom.

The abuse that comes from all sides and in all forms crushes her to the ground making her believe she's worthless. In the darkest moments Nadia, her close friend, descends in her life like an angel bringing her back to the light and setting her free.

"Moments of Clarity" - by Ebrahim Ghaeini - USA
Silver Award for Short Film - 2015

Moments of ClarityA short film that follows Jason, a young man who struggles to maintain a relationship with Claire, his psychological creation.



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Prestige Bronze Award


"Hour of Code" - by Chris Turner
Ballistic Film Productions - CANADA
Bronze Award for Educational / Instructional / Training - 2015

"Kandiyohi" - by Nicholas Engan, Point Lake Pictures - USA
Bronze Award for Feature Film - 2015

KandiyohiKandiyohi is an action packed modern-day western that brings the sleepy backdrop of rural Minnesota alive with violence and suspense. This breakout debut from writer and director Nicholas Engan tells the story of three down-on-their-luck friends drifting through life in their late-20s.

After reconnecting during a visit to their hometown, a rapid spiral of drugs, shame, and betrayal will leave them with only one unbelievable option -- to rob the town's corrupt sheriff. When their plan goes fatally wrong, this group of friends will be pushed to the limit trying to outrun the law and its harsh brand of vengeance. It's all on the line in a cinematically stunning finale that will blow audiences away.


"Twenty" - by Ginnard Archibald - USA
Bronze Award for Short Film - 2015

TwentyOne simple moral decision will affect the destiny of a man and his family.

"Duality" - by Daniel Ruczko - GERMANY
Bronze Award for Short Film - 2015

DualityA young woman wakes up and finds a photo of herself sleeping on her phone... she lives alone.


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